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When you read this Editorial, the Société Royale Saint-Hubert will have organised the 2016 FCI European Section Show in Brussels.

More than 12,000 participating dogs have entered this prestigious event !!! Isn’t it amazing? It depends on how you look at those figures! It’s amazing “per se” as such an entry places the 2016 FCI European Section Show among the top 3 of all the FCI Section Shows ever. It’s amazing because the World has been going and turning somewhat wrong lately but still, exhibitors and breeders do want to live their passion for dogs and keep taking part in all kinds of canine events, be it shows or sport competitions. We do thank and congratulate them for that.

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
FCI Commission for Herding Dogs - Activity report

The last meeting of the FCI Herding Commission was in Amsterdam on 26-27 June, 2015. Delegates from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden were present. During the meeting, Luigi Cavalchini (Italy) was re-elected as President of the Commission, Jean-Paul Kerihuel (France) as Vice-president and Sandra von Erlach (Switzerland) as Secretary, all of them unanimously. The Natural Herding Aptitude Test NHAT was approved by the FCI General Committee. The Herding Instinct is a complex of hereditary characteristics and abilities, which makes a dog useful to control flock animals: interest in flock animals, willingness to cooperate with its handler, the drive to control the movement of the flock, the natural aim to search for the balance position opposite its handler in order to gain better control of the flock. Only training and experience will allow the dog to face more difficult trials, in which the most gifted dogs will be able to express at the maximum level of their natural aptitude.

The commission works on the revision of herding rules, revision to be completed during the next meeting. At the meeting, special attention was pointed out on animal care during herding training of dogs and about animal welfare.
The interest in herding dog activities, both collecting (Border Collies) and traditional (inter – breed) increased over the last few years and the commission pointed out this recommendation to the FCI member countries, with the purpose to practice this activity under the FCI umbrella:

  • if the country does not have any representative in the commission, nominate a delegate with interest and experience
  • adopting the FCI Herding rules
  • stimulating the organisation of tests and trials under FCI rules
  • controlling international trials following the FCI rules, promoting the education of new herding judges with specific background.

The next meeting will take place in Bergamo (Italy), on 10-11-12 June, 2016.

Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini
President of the FCI Commission for Herding Dogs