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When you read this Editorial, the Société Royale Saint-Hubert will have organised the 2016 FCI European Section Show in Brussels.

More than 12,000 participating dogs have entered this prestigious event !!! Isn’t it amazing? It depends on how you look at those figures! It’s amazing “per se” as such an entry places the 2016 FCI European Section Show among the top 3 of all the FCI Section Shows ever. It’s amazing because the World has been going and turning somewhat wrong lately but still, exhibitors and breeders do want to live their passion for dogs and keep taking part in all kinds of canine events, be it shows or sport competitions. We do thank and congratulate them for that.

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
FCI Commission for Hounds of the 6th group - Activity report

The annual meeting of the FCI Commission for Hounds of the 6th Group took place in San Marino on March 6th, 2015. President was Mr Curt-Christer Gustafsson (Sweden) and secretary Mr Kaj Westerback (Finland).

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson
The winner Walter Jäger with his Luzerner and two members of the staff

The 23rd European Cup Trials for Hounds were organised by the Kennel Club San Marino, in collaboration with the San Marino Scenthounds, the Federation San Marino Hunting and the Italian Society for Hounds on March 7th, 2015 in San Marino and Italy. The event had the Patronage of the Ministry for Tourism and Sport of the Republic of San Marino.

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson

In the solo class competed 16 hounds from 8 countries representing 14 different breeds. Two hounds got a 2nd prize and five hounds got a 3rd prize. Four hounds were dissqualified, three of them for hunting roe.

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson


1st Walter Jäger (Switzerland) with a Luzerner 107 points
2nd Kjell Bergström (Sweden) with a Drever 101 points
3rd Britta Lindgren (Sweden) with a Hamilton Hound 87 points

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson

In the class for packhounds started 6 packs, three from Italy and three from France.


1st Michel Menou (France) with Bruno du Juras 852 points
2nd Castello Ferrero (Italy) with Seguggio Italiano 825 points

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson

The 24th European Cup 2016 will be organised by the Croatian canine organisation and will take place in Zadar, Island of Pag, in mid-October 2016.

Curt-Christer Gustafsson
President of the FCI Commission for Hounds of the 6th Group

© Curt-Christer Gustafsson
Left Second place Kjell Bergström with his Drever and right third place Britta Lindgren with her Hamilton Hound
© Curt-Christer Gustafsson
The Hamilton Hound URAX is regarding the beautiful surroundings of San Marino.