Dear Readers,

When you read this Editorial, the Société Royale Saint-Hubert will have organised the 2016 FCI European Section Show in Brussels.

More than 12,000 participating dogs have entered this prestigious event !!! Isn’t it amazing? It depends on how you look at those figures! It’s amazing “per se” as such an entry places the 2016 FCI European Section Show among the top 3 of all the FCI Section Shows ever. It’s amazing because the World has been going and turning somewhat wrong lately but still, exhibitors and breeders do want to live their passion for dogs and keep taking part in all kinds of canine events, be it shows or sport competitions. We do thank and congratulate them for that.

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Cobby, FCI’s mascot, turns 5 !

Happy birthday Cobby !

Let’s celebrate with a contest on FCI’s new Facebook page dedicated to fun events : FCIPlay !


Do you have a Cobby cuddly toy ? Take a picture of you with your Cobby (or take a picture of your Cobby) in front of a typical setting of your country (in front of the Atomium for Belgians, of la Sagrada Familia for Spaniards, of Eiffel Tower for the French,…) and send it to FCI’s Facebook FCIPlay (FCIPlay). (N.B. Your participation automatically involves your agreement on republications of the picture(s) sent).

Deadline for participation in the contest : October 31st, 2016 – 23:59 Belgian time. The winner, on the basis of the compiled votes from both the FCIPlay page followers and FCI staff members, will have her/his photo published on FCI’s official Facebook page, in FCI’s newsletter and in FCI’s Annual Report 2016. In addition, the winning photo will be FCI’s season’s greetings card for Christmas and the New Year !

After October 31st, 2016 you can still send your pictures to FCIPlay, just for fun !

Good luck everybody !